Sunday, August 2, 2009

A (Midsummer Afternoon's) Dream Garden

Thanks, faithful readers, for wondering what's been happening in our garden! A rare treat is in store for you: no talkie, just lookie. I'll let the photos tell the story this time.

Corn 06.26.09

Corn 08.1.09

Tomatoes 06.26.09
Tomatoes 08.01.09

Zucchini. OMG.

Haricots vert (much classier sounding than "green beans").

Gorgeous Swiss Chard (Saturday night dinner with whole wheat pasta, garlic, tomatoes, parm, pine nuts and onion).

Pesto, baby!

This was the 5th of July. Carrots, beets, peas!

Unfortunately, we overplanted lettuce and it bolted. Waste! I hate it!

Fingerling potato blossom. So sweet! We had some for brunch today, along with a zucchini and basil frittata. Life is very good!

Is anything more beautiful than a vegetable garden in summer? The colors! The textures!

The problem with the sky around here is it's just not blue enough. Gosh!


  1. So, are you hooked? planning next year's garden yet. Because, you know... next year will always be better!

  2. Oh, we are! I need to write a year-end wrap up. Getting ready to put my garlic in and sow a cover crop as well! And yes, planning next year--which includes new beds. I need more room. Wow!

  3. Wow! This looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Will you be posting again this year? It's spring and I'm guessing you have things in the works. Please share!

  5. Hi Anonymous!
    Yes! Our first blog post is going up soon, and we have a BIG surprise to kick off garden year #2~stay tuned. And thanks for being interested in our little goings on.

  6. I love the photo!!!

  7. You have an excellent green thumb! How lucky!


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