Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Sprout Post

I have a thing about sprouts. I even named my business after them. One wouldn’t do that without a true and deep affection for the little darlings.

And who can blame me, when considering the absolute perfection contained in each strong, proud, hopeful, stunningly green, amazing one?  

I mean, just look at this basil and parsley

And these tomatoes, for god’s sake: 


Our hearty, happy cucumbers:



Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and leeks (in the back corner), plus sage to the left:



Everybody grow now!


Dear Sprouts,

Thank you for coming up to see us. You are beautiful and we're incredibly proud of each and every one of you. We vow to nurture you and help you reach your full potential. And then we will eat you or your offspring.

Love, Mom and Dad




  1. whoa. I've read through all your posts. You guys are doing a great job of documenting what you are doing on this blog. As you are finding out, get 3 gardeners together and you'll get 6 different opinions on what to do. And they are each right, of course - depending on the situation.

    So one reads, listens, asks, and at the end does what seems to make more sense for one's situation. Make mistakes? well, of course... what's life but a series of mistakes (granted, some are more fun than others)? My gardening motto is "Next year will be better". Also every year there will be failures, and every year there will be successes. But you've got to start somewhere. That's number one: you've got to start!

    I look forward to your gardening chronicles, Teresa & David.

  2. oh, and I did I say thank you for listing me on your blog roll? No... but, indeed "thank you". I am delighted if anything I write is useful. I absolutely love it if I can teach or inspire people in the garden (or in the kitchen). Best to you

  3. Thank you Sylvie! I appreciate your thoughtful response and advice. We're so looking forward to everything we'll learn from this. And the food. We're looking forward to the food!

    David grew up in Newport News, VA. I used to live in Urbanna. We know a thing or two about Virginia! We've moved from Virginia to the Pacific Northwest 6+ years ago. It's a great place for foodies and vegetarians alike.

  4. If you keep talking to your sprouts like that, you may have a mutiny. Nevertheless, I like gardeners with an attitude.

  5. I just found your blog - I was drawn because I am living (pretty) close by in Stanwood...this is my second year as a veggie will be fun to check back and see how things are going for you both as I have my own little parallel journey down here.

  6. Hi Prospero in Hawaii (lucky dog) and deetles in Stanwood! Thanks for visiting. Send wisdom. Spout opinions. We'll keep up the attitude!

  7. Teresa and David - Actually I'm from the Isle of Devils (Bermuda). How's that for attitude?

  8. Hello, great blog. I, too, was inspired by reading BK, however, procrastinated ALL of last summer away. This year I mean business and I am thrilled to have some other newbies to learn the ropes with. ~Julie

  9. Hi Anonymous!
    Thanks for checking in. We've been lax on our posting lately, but will have several updates this week. We've been busy in the garden. Yay!

  10. I mean, Julie, not Anonymous! I'm a dork.

  11. When are you going to post again????

  12. Soon. . . soon! We have lots to talk about. A success or two, and what looks like a bunch of failures! Just need a little time inside. Rain would help. Our weather has been glorious, so we're spending all of our spare time outside to make up for being stuck inside working all day! Thanks for caring! We know we need to post our progress. . . ;-)


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