Monday, March 9, 2009

When Irish (Potato) Eyes Are Smiling

Here's an astounding news flash: more people are planting gardens, so seed company sales are way up! It seems everyone I know is doing it and today I see this article in the Seattle Times. It says that sales at Irish Eyes Garden Seeds, a seed and seed potato packing company (and winner of today's best company name award) are booming. Most of their inquiries are newbies like us.  "We had one person ask us which way the seed goes in the ground," said Sue the owner. No, it wasn't me.  I haven't received my seed potatoes yet, so I'm saving that question for when they come. 

People are thinking survival. Planting tubers and building chicken coops. Raising their own food for eating, or for bartering. Tightening belts, and trying to have some control over SOMETHING. Ensuring that the food you're eating is organic--and that there will actually be some food on the table--is a damn good start.

Here are last year's top ten seeds, according to Burpee (is it me, or are they kind of blah?):

1. Green beans

2. Zucchini squash

3. Tomato

4. Lettuce

5. Cucumber

6. Peas

7. Sweet corn

8. Peppers (sweet and hot)

9. Carrot

10. Radish

Photo courtesy of Seattle Times

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  1. they may be blah, but all 10 of those are SUPER easy to grow! Look, I'm posting comments, yay!


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